Elon Musk says X users will no longer be able to block unwanted followers


Elon Musk says he plans to do away with the “block” feature on the X social media platform.

The app formerly known as Twitter will instead offer users the option of muting someone they don’t care for, though the “block” feature will still be available for those who no longer wish to receive direct messages from an unwanted users, according to the tech mogul.

“Block is going to be deleted as a ‘feature,’ except for DMs,” Musk, who acquired the site last fall for $44 billion, posted on Friday.

In a follow-up tweet, Musk opined that the “block” option “makes no sense.”

Those who wish to shun a fellow X user will simply have to make do with muting them, according to Musk.

An X user who mutes someone assures that their target’s posts will not appear on their timelines, though the muted account can still view the other’s content.

Blocking someone denies the target’s ability to see the posts of the person who chose the “block” option.

Anyone who is “blocked” also cannot directly message the X account that initiated the “block.”

It is unclear when X plans to implement Musk’s edict, which comes at a time that the social media platform under newly installed CEO Linda Yaccarino is working to woo back advertisers who were put off by initial changes to content moderation.

X Corp owner Elon Musk said he plans to do away with the “block” feature that lets users of the app formerly known as Twitter shun unwanted followers.

Musk said that users will still be able to mute those they wish to ignore.
Musk said that users will still be able to mute those they wish to ignore.

Representatives of at least two brand names told The Post on Thursday that they paused advertising with X after their ads were seen in a profile of an avowedly pro-Hitler user.

The Post has sought comment from X.

Musk’s announcement generated backlash from voices who are generally sympathetic to the mogul, who famously loosened content moderation policies and unbanned individuals who had their accounts suspended by the company’s previous management structure.

“Blocking is one of the most important features on this site,” conservative radio commentator Buck Sexton posted in response to Musk.

“Otherwise it just turns into an echo chamber of harassment from the most vile idiots.”

An account titled “Tesla Owners Silicon Valley” wrote in response: “In my opinion it’s worth having.”

“Unfortunately trolls and spammers come out,” the user behind the account, which generally posts pro-Musk content, wrote.

In addition to owning X, Musk is also CEO of electric car maker Tesla.

Musk recently re-branded Twitter into X -- months after acquiring the site for $44 billion.
Musk recently re-branded Twitter into X — months after acquiring the site for $44 billion.

“Haters will always try to get some fame over trolling accounts and bashing their name through the mud and being able to control the experience matters. At least for reach user.”

“If you simply mute someone, THEY can still reply to, report, and threaten you whilst you are helpless and can’t even see them,” Wilfred Reilly observed.

Another X user wrote: “It makes complete sense to have the block button.”

“There are many nefarious profiles and so many spam/bot accounts that are very annoying and the block button is the only solution to it,” the post read.

Source by [New York Post]

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