How To Fix A Disabled/Restricted Facebook Ad Account In 2023

How To Fix A Disabled/Restricted Facebook Ad Account In 2023

Assuming your Facebook promotion account has been crippled or limited, you can find the accompanying ways to attempt to determine the issue:

1. Examine the Advertising Guidelines on Facebook: To determine whether you have broken any of Facebook’s advertising policies, familiarize yourself with them. Check to see that your advertisements adhere to their guidelines regarding targeting, prohibited content, landing pages, and other relevant policies.

2. Check for Warnings or Violations: Sign in to your Facebook Promotions Director account and explore to the “Record Quality” segment. Check your account for any alerts or notifications. Facebook for the most part gives some data about the infringement or limitation, which can assist you with understanding the issue better.

3. Reach out to Facebook Support at: Visit the Facebook Business Help Center or go to your Ads Manager account’s “Contact Support” link. Send a support ticket describing the problem and requesting an account review. When describing the issue, be clear and concise, and provide any pertinent details or evidence that can support your argument.

4. Supply the Required Documentation: Assuming that Facebook demands extra documentation to confirm your character or business, make a point to speedily give the expected data. This could be proof of your legitimacy in the form of identification issued by the government or documents supporting the registration of your business.

5. Ads should be reviewed and updated: While you wait for Facebook to respond, go over the campaigns and ads you have already run. Ensure that they adhere to Facebook’s guidelines and remove any potentially harmful content. Make sure your landing pages adhere to Facebook’s guidelines and adjust your targeting options.

6. Show restraint: Facebook’s audit interaction can take time, so showing restraint during this period is significant. While you wait for a response, do not open new ad accounts or violate any other policies. Check your email or Facebook notifications frequently for updates on your account status.

7. Engage a Facebook Marketing Partner for Assistance: Consider contacting a Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP) if you are having trouble resolving the issue on your own. These are organizations that spend significant time in Facebook publicizing and have an immediate line of correspondence with Facebook support. They can give extra direction and help with exploring the record recuperation process.

Keep in mind, each case is special, and there’s no assurance that your promotion record will be restored. To avoid similar issues in the future, it is essential to comprehend Facebook’s policies and adhere to them.

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