Top 10 Hindi/English Action Thriller Movies on YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime

Let the fight go on till all the blood inside the body ends. I get tired of watching but the action doesn’t stop. The satisfaction of these movies can only be understood by action fans. And that’s on today’s list. Today’s review we’ll do Top 10 Brutal Non-stop Action Movies Part 2 After The Raid Redemption’s brutal action scenes I got that satisfaction from the next movie.
(00:23) With 2 positive and 2 negative Only four jailers, one of whom is a girl when all the inmates escape from the jail the way they rush into them. Salute to its cinematography and camera work. Whose nonstop action scenes won’t let you blink for even a second. But this Cambodian movie whose actors are totally acting on level zero.


No expression of the face they are totally martial arts champions. At one time I didn’t care about the story I was totally enjoying the action. The movie is available on YouTube for free in English. You must check it’s action scene for once. One man alone in dangerous ice and cold killing Nazis one by one.


He has to help a small group of soldiers who are stuck in the trap of the Nazi army. 1 hour 40 minutes movies is available on YouTube in Hindi. Doesn’t time pass at all in character development and that’s why you don’t even care who dies when. You should just care for the action in this movie. White snow everywhere and no guarantee of where the bullet will come from.


All the action scenes of the movie especially the slow motion are top class. That grenade scene, My God! The first is throwing toward the second second is throwing toward third and third is throwing toward first Oh My God! The movie tries to create comedy in these action scenes. Hero is seen running naked in just one scene.


Veronica is an ex-gangster and her child has been kidnapped into human trafficking. Now she has to leave her world and enter the world of gangsters. Has to free her daughter by solving puzzles. With 2 positive and 1 negative The movie’s actions scenes are not is a closed room but in an open environment.

Let that be a moving train or a chase scene in this village lake. Acting may look a little dull but there is no shortage in martial arts. Vietnam country’s movie, 1 hour 40 minutes available on Netflix. I’ve heard a similar brutal story in audiobook form, on Kuku FM The Girl Who Escaped North Korea.


From the world’s most dangerous country escaping at only 17 years of age enjoyed listening to it. Kuku FM is slowly becoming bigger and better. This audio platform has more than 15 lakh Hindi subscribers Who consumes more than 45 lakh hours of content. Recently they have launched Original categories. Which has audiobooks that helps our lives like Bhagavad Gita How To Escape From Middle Class Life Listening to many such audiobooks self-development has definitely happened.


My screen addiction has also reduced a lot. If you missed Kuku FM’s heavy discount last time then you have another chance their first month Rs- 99/- subscription can get 30% off for Rs- 69/- if you use our code ABHI30. You just have to click the link given in the description. Adam wants to become a spy for a deadly organization.


But to reach there he has to win the trust and join it. “Must find him at any cost” “I have the right man.” And now by cleaning the filth of the city he should not put his relations at stake. Recently released on Netflix. The movie’s very first positive is Screenplay. The movie focuses more on the character development that’s why it’s 2 hours long.


Action scenes don’t feel illogical and it’s not like the hero is beating up 100-200 people at once. He also gets beaten. When action scenes starts in the second half then the level goes up one by one. But you have to keep a little patience to reach there. And Netflix’s Hindi dubbing will help you with that.


Must watch for spy action thriller fans. Mike’s talent is doing murder and make it look like suicide. And Mike’s such brutal and dangerous team from which someone killed Mike’s love that also in Mike’s style. Now Mike will definitely take revenge for this betrayal. “Your gonna pay for that.


” With 3 positive and 1 negative The method shown in the movie to turn a murder into a suicide or to make that murder an Act of God was very awesome. And Mike’s team and different brutality of their different members. And especially, after a long time I got to see a good story in an action movie. Some action scenes are very awesome but some will feel very below average.


The movie is very brutal and has many adult scenes. You can buy or rent on YouTube. At number 5, Oh My God! To get rid of her past and get freedom Sook-hee messes up with the entire underworld and also alone. Not with guns but by stabbing, she will kill by drawing blood. With 2 positive and 1 negative Watch the starting 5 minutes this girl has gone mad! Those one-take-shot action scenes it’s like I’m doing the action myself.


And the girl’s fight scenes are not stopping. Guns, knives, she will kill with anything she finds. She slices in such places that we see blood spraying everywhere. Wherever she comes out of corpse piles up there. If you want one take action satisfaction that even non-stop. Then this movie is for you. Just it’s Hindi dubbing on Amazon Prime is very bad.


An innocent gamer is framed in a murder. Now, better than suffering in jail he runs away and proves his innocence in front of the world. “This court, without parole” “sentence the convict to life imprisonment.” Who will help them and who is trapping innocent people again and again in murder? The starting of the movie can feel a little illogical.


But you’ll get so much attached to Kwon Yoo’s character the dangerous condition which these people put him in jail we feel very sorry for him. These South Korean people show everything at an extreme level. The thing which I like even more than the action the spying which they do with the help of Sci-fi technology.


All of those VFX are top class. The movie is a perfect family entertainment action drama. Just like South Indian action movies there is no time pass in this movie. All the scenes happen immediately. Available for free on YouTube with a very good Hindi dubbing. It’s a hidden gem movie. If you want to watch the female version of John Wick then with 2 positive and 2 negative Let me tell you at the beginning the movie’s first half is very boring.


And actions happen in small pieces. But we feel that when will the big long action come? And when it comes especially the hallway action scene My God! Charlize Theron’s Swag, My God! Could even compete with John Wick. But the story of the movie is the same old. Our heroine gets betrayed and then she starts to pile up dead bodies.


The movie has many adult scenes. There’s a lesbian sexual scene. Available on Amazon Prime 2 hour long this movie is a must watch for John Wick fans. 50 kilo gold is found at the time of world war. Now Nazi soldiers want to steal this gold from this old man. Now our hero has to take this gold and deliver it 500 kilometers away at the bank.


“We are rich” With 2 positive and 1 negative There is no useless time pass in the movie. No character development. Directly comes to the point. Action scenes brutality slowly increases. You will enjoy watching it. No adult scenes. It’s R-rated for brutality. But when you see this much brutality happening on your hero then it seems a little impossible then why isn’t he dying yet.


But I promise you you’ll see such action scenes in the movie that you have never seen before. A world where any type of feeling is illegal. Now when the person running this system goes rogue then the way he’ll destroy this system you will enjoy a lot watching it. Complete Matrix level action and an entire Sci-fi world.


Super fast and stylish gunfight and above that taking medicine every day to stop your feeling so that world war doesn’t happen. I was feeling very much connected with this concept. 1 hour 45 minutes Sci-fi action available on Amazon Prime If you are also fan of action movies then subscribe to this channel and definitely press the bell icon for the next part.


And before going click on the link in the description below definitely download Kuku Fm. Because it’s the question of 30% discount so use my come ABHI30. For unique concept horror movies click the video on the right and for the previous video click on the left one. Thank you so much. Love you, Take care Bye Bye.

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