'Planet Sex' made her realize she was a 'prude'

‘Planet Sex’ made her realize she was a ‘prude’

Cara Delevingne is sharing her sexual journey with her new docuseries, “Planet Sex.” 

The actress and supermodel, 30, has been promoting the upcoming Hulu and BBC six-part series at an annual entertainment trade show, MIPCOM 2022, in Cannes, where she talked about attending a “masturbation seminar” while filming the show.

“I went into the masturbation seminar thinking it was going to be a classroom and I’d have a notepad, and instead it was a pink, leather gym mat on the floor, with six people going, ‘Well, take your underwear off. This is the lube,’ ” Delevingne reportedly said.

“I didn’t realize I was a prude. I think I’m a pretty hip, young, cool, down-with-anything kind of girl but I was like, ‘Sorry what? Sorry, no, absolutely not, I will not do that.’ But I kind of did everything I felt comfortable doing,” she continued.

Delevingne was promoting the doc at an annual entertainment trade show in Cannes.
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Delevingne, who openly identifies as queer, has been romantically linked to fellow celebs such as Ashley Benson. Recently, the supermodel has displayed erratic behavior that prompted rumors of substance abuse.

But she while doing press for “Planet Sex,” the supermodel has looked healthy. The doc features her onscreen exploring “questions about sexuality” in each episode, viewing different cultures and communities, and sharing her own experiences with viewers.

Cara Delevingne
The supermodel discussed what it was like to attend a “masturbation seminar” while filming the show.
AFP via Getty Images

The “Only Murders in the Building” actress is slated to share “her own personal experiences. Uniquely unfiltered and authentic, there’s no limit on how far Cara’s willing to go to explore what makes us all human,” according to the series’ official description.

“I feel like I needed this in my life, honestly,” she said in Cannes. “Maybe not to do it on camera — I mean, that was something I wanted to do for other people, but in terms of, for me, I grew up a lot. I had chosen to take a step back from love and relationships for a while before I did this and this made me realize again how much I needed to repair certain things in my life and move on from that. I really grew up a lot.”

“Planet Sex” premieres Nov. 29 on Hulu. 

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