Barcelona’s dramatic draw vs Inter delays the inevitable in UCL

Barcelona’s dramatic draw vs Inter delays the inevitable in UCL

So much for the instant revolution. Barcelona is quite obviously playing far better football this season than it was last, but after taking such a financial gamble in the summer—after mortgaging the future of the club—it expects far better than a second successive Champions League exit in the group stage. And yet after a relentlessly dramatic 3–3 draw against Inter Milan at Camp Nou on Wednesday, Barça is on the brink of just that.

An Inter win on the next matchday over Viktoria Plzen, the group’s bottom side after four straight defeats, will be enough to send the Italian side through with Bayern Munich and consign Barça again to third place and the Europa League (by virtue of last week’s loss to Inter and Wednesday’s draw, Inter holds the tiebreaker). With that would come serious repercussions for the reboot of the club, both financially and in terms of any sense of competitive momentum. And this is not just about immediate consequences: the pattern of Barcelona Champions League games under Xavi has become very familiar and must feel very frustrating.

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