Doing 5 minutes of daily ‘breath training’ may reduce high blood pressure as effectively as medication, researchers say

Within two weeks, researchers began to be aware enhancements in participants’ blood pressure, with solely mild, transient muscle affliction or lightheadedness as facet effects. By the give up of the trial, they noticed an common discount of 9 mmHg in systolic blood pressure.

The outcomes are as high quality as medication, perhaps greater superb than way of life adjustments like decreasing sodium or dropping weight, and should proceed to enhance over time, in accordance to Daniel Craighead, lead creator of the learn about and assistant lookup professor at the University of Colorado Boulder.

“People can count on pretty speedy results,” he informed Insider. “We would assume that if you went longer, blood stress would go down even more.”

The researchers had been additionally amazed to locate that the education regarded to advantage no longer simply humans who wished to minimize their blood pressure, however additionally young, wholesome participants.

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