FULL REACTION to PSG vs. Juventus: Everybody was PANICKING

FULL REACTION to PSG vs. Juventus: Everybody was PANICKING

And when you look at the fixtures on Tuesday, one really stood out. And that was PSG against Juventus. It was PSU to win the tie by two goals to one. The hosts were brilliant in the first half. And Bapt Lincoln fantastically with both Messi and Neymar, he was going to break. It could have been so many more goals as well for PSG. Western McKenna got one back for the Avengers in the second half, and that kind of took the whole life and momentum away from the host. In the end, they hold on to winning by two goals to one. For more on this, we welcome Franklin.

Buff and John Hutchinson said the strange old game this.

It was done. It was a case of 45 minutes of PSG being absolutely brilliant. And Baptist, Neymar, Messi, all of them. Varies, middle of the park, Marquez at the back, they just controlled UVA. The football that they played was out of this world. The goals they scored were out of this world. Then all of a sudden, in the second half Allegra changed and went from a back three to a back four. He got players in the middle of the park to be a little bit more narrow, competed better, got crosses in the box, basic stuff. Got crosses in the box for Velvet Garner’s attack. They scored from a corner. Mackenzie scored, as you said. And then what happened was because PSG, it’s such a high level, I wouldn’t even say in Top Gear in the first half. They dropped down so many gears in the second half, Dan, they couldn’t get going again. And I wouldn’t say it was Nervy or Edgy, but you had one or two chances at the end that it told me that, sorry, PSG are going to be the same old story. They’re going to be brilliant when they’ve got the ball, hopeless when they haven’t got the ball.

Same old story. Frank?
Well, yes, I’m afraid so, because I was a game and against like, Don, I was really amazed by the first office. OK, everything’s changed. Everybody’s very spot on Neymar. Working hard, even defensively, even messy. Working hard, even in Buffet. Working hard defensively. I said, wow, that’s fantastic. They communicated very well together. The first goal is absolute jewelry. It was fantastic. The chip from Neymar to Ambassador was fantastic. And after the second half and after state football is full of details, and the details are French could have scored the third goal if Mbappe didn’t completely forget Memo and would have been offered the third goal and the game would have been over. Instead of that, Mbappe was completely selfish try to score the Matrix and missed it. And like two minutes after Machine scored the first goal for humans use. And then we came back to the PSG. We know panicking when they don’t have the ball. Donald made a mistake on the goal. I think he wanted to go out and miss it but saved at the same time on the one action. But you have Ramos keeping marking yours at the back and you feel that everybody is panicking.

That thing will never change. Well, maybe. Hopefully, they will. I like the fact that got you to put Missy out for the last seven minutes, I would say. And we’ll see because everybody was partying at the end. But messages. We came back to the dressing room. Let’s see what’s going on.

How come you put that game on the Faraway TV if that was the big game? What do you mean you put it on the TV? If I lost away from me, we had all these TVs and it was closest to me. All right? This was the game I had.

Least interested in it.

All these games going on anyway. The one thing I did notice on I said to you just before we came on air was there were two tackles that got people going. There was more than that. But the one in the first half on Mbappe and one in the second half. But let’s talk about the one in Mbapi in the first half. That almost cost the festive cups. I mean, when the replay came out, the way the players were reacting, I thought he had been two-footed. And he got a broken leg. It turns out the center half was a little bit late and then Bappy got there first. Are we going to have some sort of law in this Champions League? Can we get you involved and maybe kill? And Bobby is not allowed to be tackled or Neymar is not allowed to be tackled or whatever it is because it just seems to me I know that the crown jewels, but it’s an aggressive contact sport, and the reaction to some of these PSG players to some challenges we’re pretty pathetic done.

No, I agree. It was the grandmother sent back who went through the back of killing them. But they and they all got around Braymond, the referee and they wanted yellow cards and red cards and it’s one of them, Craig Frank has been there before, where you go through the back of the center off sorry, the center. Ford and Baptist, he’s on the floor and I’m thinking, oh, we must have got caught down the Achilles. That’ll be a painful one. Then you see the replay come in and he literally just got a tap on the instep and he was rolling around the place. Name on the second half, rolling around the place. It’s like they’ve got this little air of arrogance where you’re not allowed to touch them and a better side will get right in along. Still, they’ll see that. They’ll notice that. Coaches will notice how fragile and at times fry they are and they’ll say to them, get stuck into these because when they go and gets tough they’ll cruise through the group stages, and they’ll fly through it. But once you get to the two-legged affairs, where it’s going to be different, it’s going to be tight, it’s going to be hard work when you haven’t got the ball, there’s more edge on the game, 50 50 going in.

They might just go under.

I’m not suggesting that people go out with the intent to do it, but sometimes it happens. Right? Okay. Baby names are messy. Let’s try and be aggressive. Put it this way, let’s be aggressive with them. Right? Condone. Let’s try and injure people. Although it does go on. But I think the bulk of the challenges, particularly on Mbape, are not preconceived intentional challenges that are the guys just so quick. And so when Bremer makes the challenge.

I think the intent is to play.

The ball, but it just gets in a little bit late because he is so quick. But I tell you what, it was a defeat for Juventus, but I think they have to be quite pleased with the way they held, the way they stayed in there, and the number of chances that they did create over the 90 minutes.

It could have been home in the hose, though, after the opening 45 minutes.

That’s the thing, Frank, isn’t it? Are we being a little bit negative, considering how good PSG was in that first half?

Yeah. But we all know that football is made of consistency. And that’s the main concern that we have about Paris and Jamaica. They can be very good and suddenly disappear. And it’s why you have the romance, it’s why you have the loss against Ryan Madrid last season. So many stories about that, that you say, oh, my God, they’re so good, and suddenly they become so bad. So that’s the biggest work that Agatha has to do is to make sure that there is that consistency that everybody is looking for. I just want to go back to the fake injuries that Neymar can get. It’s a contest in France to bet how many times Nama is going to go on the floor, and also for Mbappe. But the worst for me is, okay, they can faint, they can pretend. That’s pathetic, but it happens in the world. And we can see that every weekend in every field in the world. But when they go back up, they complain to the rest. On top of it, where we are seeing that there was nothing worse for me, that’s really appalling.


I’m trying to be a bit positive.

Hold on, let me just dump your positivity. I don’t give a stuff. That graphic we put up, right? We’re talking about PSG. Yes. You’ve made this one. Not even how many times do we put a graphic up here over the last few years? And you’ve ended up not even in the running with the bookies. The price is not good enough to get them on that graphic. I’m not on it. So let’s just put a lid on how brilliant this may have been for 45 minutes because this is not the event that we’ve known on Hay day a few years ago. Not that was the heyday, but they were in better shape than they are now. It was a win and it was okay. But events did create the chances they are not a great side and they’re not even on that page to win. The teams are going to win, potentially the Champions League. So let’s just temper our PSG. Levin which it seems to be at the moment.

No matter who the opponents were though.

Don, it was still a couple of.

Brilliant goals, particularly the opener.

It was sensational. Dan, it was brilliant. I mean, Neymar picked up some lovely positions where he was playing a little bit free off the left-hand side and just getting on the ball. Then he’ll flick the lovely little ball over the top. Had Benucci and Brahma in a world of trouble, but the ball coming over his shoulder is one of the hardest ones to hit. And he watched it come over his shoulder in Baptist, took it on the laces, got it away from the goalkeeper into the bottom corner, and then his second goal might have been even better. Akima with the assistance, all of them were involved. And then again, he was brilliant. I mean, when this guy is on it like he was for 45 minutes and once or twice in the second half. There’s no one faster in world football. There’s probably no one. I say that loosely because there’s obviously a little hard in Levinoski. You get my gist in front of the goal where he’s devastating because you can’t catch him. So if you play the right ball into space, no one’s going to catch him anywhere on this planet. So the chances that he gets, he’s still going to be a pretty amazing player to finish them.

And he’s two goals tonight. If anyone’s watching the games and seeing the goals come in, just look at his technique down. They’re just out of this world. Amazing finishes.

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