'Lord of the Rings' fans rip 'cheesy' promo video

‘Lord of the Rings’ fans rip ‘cheesy’ promo video

Fans of Amazon’s “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” had a laugh on Twitter when a goofy promotional video for the new series was confused for the series’ opening sequence.

“Apparently this is the intro for the new LOTR show… this is what $750 million buys you,” a Twitter user wrote alongside the clip on Wednesday, mocking the series’ enormous price tag.

That video — which now has 4.1 million views, more than 20,700 likes and 10,000 quote tweets — features the “Rings” cast gazing into the camera as well as making bizarre, comical movements.

“Half of the actors look like someone snuck up on them in between takes while they were having a conversation or eating a sandwich,” one Twitter user said.

However, in a sea of jokes about the video, many users pointed out that Entertainment Weekly’s watermark is in the corner of the video, meaning it’s obviously not the series’ opening credits.

“I wonder why the intro has the entertainment weekly logo in the bottom corner that’s a funny little feature,” one user slammed other gullible tweeters.

Still, users couldn’t stop roasting the clip.

A tweet wrongfully stated that the Entertainment Weekly promo video for the series was its opening sequence.
Entertainment Weekly

“I enjoy the cheesy 90s drama series vibe. Had to hone in on it,” another user said, adding nicknames and an ocean sunset behind the characters in the video.

“Dumpster fire doesn’t even begin to cover it. This will be meme fodder for the next decade,” another declared.

“That’s the ‘Young and the Restless’ credits,” another said of the longtime soap opera.

Lord of the Rings Entertainment Weekly promo video
The video starts with Morfydd Clark as Galadriel looking back at the camera.
Entertainment Weekly

Other users quickly turned the video into a point of view — or POV — meme, coming up with scenarios for the characters’ shady looks.

Lord of the Rings Entertainment Weekly promo video
Robert Aramayo, as Elrond, is deep in thought when the camera gets to him in the promo video.
Entertainment Weekly

“POV: you’re walking through a gay bar on a Saturday night,” one user wrote.

“POV: you’re blacking out drunk at a party and muttering goodbyes to people as you’re stumbling towards the exit to get home,” another joked.

Lord of the Rings Entertainment Weekly promo video
Ismael Cruz Cordova as Arondir.
Entertainment Weekly

“POV you’re leaving the office at a company ‘that’s really more like a family’ at 5pm,” another quipped.

“POV; you’re a waiter bringing out sizzling hot fajitas,” one wrote.

Lord of the Rings Entertainment Weekly promo video
Sophia Nomvete as Princess Disa.
Entertainment Weekly

“The Rings of Power” is set around a thousand years before Frodo (Elijah Wood) and his Fellowship took their journey in the movies. 

A “Rings” fanboy himself, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos attended the show’s global premiere on Tuesday, thanking everyone who made the show possible — even though showrunners ignored his advice.

“Every showrunner’s dream — and I mean every showrunner — their dream is to get notes on scripts and early cuts from the founder and executive chairman,” the billionaire joked. “They loved that. I need to thank you both for listening whenever it helped, but mostly I need to thank you for ignoring me at exactly the right times.”

“The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” is now streaming on Amazon Video.

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