Jack Dorsey swipes at Mark Zuckerberg over 'Threads' follow request

Jack Dorsey swipes at Mark Zuckerberg over ‘Threads’ follow request

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey isn’t quite ready to be social media buddies with his longtime rival Mark Zuckerberg.

Dorsey, an outspoken critic of Zuckerberg’s “Twitter killer” platform Threads, posted a screenshot Saturday revealing the Meta CEO had sent him a follow request on the booming social media app.

The screenshot displayed the message, “Zuck requests to follow you,” alongside a prompt to accept or decline the invitation.

“Too soon b,” wrote Dorsey, the 46-year-old former Twitter CEO.

Threads, which is linked to Meta-owned Instagram and leverages the same user base, has already garnered more than 150 million downloads since its launch earlier this month.

The app is the most significant challenge to date for Twitter, which has struggled with sagging revenue since billionaire Elon Musk purchased it for $44 billion last year.

So far, Dorsey does not appear to have an active presence on Threads. His account displays zero followers and does not have a profile picture.

The Post has reached out to Meta for comment on Dorsey’s tweet.

Zuckerberg’s follow request could have been sent automatically when he signed up for Threads. When any user activates Threads through their Instagram account, they are prompted on whether they want to migrate their follower list. Zuckerberg follows Dorsey on Instagram.

Jack Dorsey co-founded Twitter.
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Dorsey, who is backing his own Twitter alternative called Bluesky, was among the prominent figures to slam Threads ahead of its debut – expressing concerns about the lengthy list of user privacy disclosures included in app store listings ahead of download.

“All your Threads are belong to us,” Dorsey tweeted. Musk, who has threatened legal action against Meta over Threads’ similarities to Twitter, chimed in to say he agreed with Dorsey’s point.

In a separate post, Dorsey also appeared to take aim at Threads for its lack of originality.

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg purportedly sent Dorsey a follow request on Threads.
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Threads has garnered more than 150 million downloads.

“We wanted flying cars, instead we got 7 Twitter clones,” Dorsey tweeted on July 6.

Meta executives have positioned Threads as a “sanely run” alternative to Twitter, which has rankled advertisers with its approach to content moderation.

When Musk temporarily limited the number of tweets that users could see per day due to data-scraping concerns, Dorsey’s Bluesky experienced a record surge in traffic. Bluesky, which is still in beta, temporarily limited sign-ups during the massive uptick in volume.

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