How i made $40,000 selling a $7 product in 3 weeks in nigeria

How i made $40,000 selling a $7 product in 3 weeks in nigeria

Dominate and monetize social media i have over the years used social media to grow my business nellie’s nigeria as well as niger branchic and i want to also share with you something really great today this channel will be focused on three things business growth african entrepreneurship as well as social media and everything we talk about here will come with its own receipts because we don’t do clubs

here anything i tell you i have actually done experimented and have also brought out the results recently i created a course which i sold for 3225 naira yes that is within six to ten dollars and i have sold it to over 6 300 people and that means i have made more than forty thousand dollars yes more than 20 million there and i want to show you exact strategies i used to create and make so much sales in my business so i’m going to be giving you my strategies and i hope you take this out because especially the tips i’m

going to give you at the end that will help you to also get the maybe not the exact result that i got but something close to what i have and you will start to see amazing changes in your business if this sounds like something that can help your business then please show your girls of love click the subscribe button and also please go ahead and click on that bell because it’s gonna be an amazing time here on youtube so number one key strategies i paint down before selling my course number two how i created consistent

boards throughout my campaign and marketing for those course and number three tips you can use to cash out two finally this is just like a bonus but i’m gonna tell you at the end to make sure that you always always skill in your marketing game especially if you’re here in africa nigeria wherever the case may be so let’s go so when i decided to sell this course one of the things that went into my mind was my audience the people who follow me the people who see me as an authority in my in my space what exactly can they pay

for right now especially as the end of the year is coming and people are looking for ways to you know save more costs and make more money for themselves people are looking for side hustles that can earn them money for the holiday season so what i did was to look at a plan i asked myself what is that um price point because i looked at my pricing what is that price point that will make sure that every single person can bring it out from their pocket without having to feel like it’s a big boss for them at this moment okay um if

you’re in this part of the world where i am which is nigeria you know that cost of living has really gone high and you need to really consider your audience so that was one of the strategic thing i did i made sure i looked for a price point that was not too high not too low something affordable something that that can be of value to somebody if they actually you know bring other money and say to themselves okay i’m going to use this money to to better myself better my business no matter what the case is if you’re

coming to my page for the first time at niger branchiq you would want to say oh let me try this lady out i don’t know her or i know her i want to just you know see if i can buy her courses or try out what she’s doing so i looked for a price point that could you know ma market all over so and that was what i that’s why i chose um six to ten dollars and it worked the next thing i did was to start to create scarcity when you know how to uh use social media well you will know that at the brain of everything social media

it’s all about is about scarcity i started posting out pictures i set personal all my some of my designs and people were like nelly what app are you using what app are you using how are you doing it i said well i did all this stuff within five minutes of my phone and i can teach you like oh nelly i want to learn i want to learn i was i you could see people were really you know coming to meet me i said then i want you to teach me and i said to myself wow people want this so what can i do how can i make you know a course out of it

this is before like we’re trying to see how we can get everything together and i looked at it i said okay i’m not going to tell you the name of the application i’m not going to tell you how i created this but i’m going to create a course and take you step by step so that you will be able to not just know the name of the applications i’m using but also learn how to do it yourself and create wealth for yourself do you understand and that worked so i took out an idea of just by creating you know scarcity

without letting people know the name of the course sorry the name of the app it was easy for me to um create a course around it so everybody was really waiting for my course to come out because since they can’t get the name of the app then they have to wait for the course the third thing i did was to see how i could collaborate with someone see i can’t over emphasize on collaborations i know that i’m not the kind of person who loves to change clothes do makeup all the stuff i’m not that kind of
person and this is a video editing masterclass a photo editing master class that i am good with the editing doesn’t mean i want to do the work so i worked with an influencer who helped me to create all the videos and i put them together by editing them and that was magic made in heaven i paid her for her work got her on board told her what to do sent her voice notes we chatted on whatsapp we were just talking back and forth and she she you know did the videos and matched all the small videos she created for me and um you know used it to create


the amazing rails the amazing videos and i put it up on my page and people were like man i want to learn how to do this i want to learn how your detail is i want to learn how to do and that was it so because i could do that because i could do that that was how i said okay i think i am finally ready to create this course the next thing that happened was to create the content this is the most engaging part of everything so apart from the videos that i’m putting out i needed a strategy to make sure that this particular cost even


though it is priced at a low price was also going to be attracting even the high-end low end everyone so what did i do differently i use the call-out strategy now the color strategy is very it’s very unique i went to different businesses and look for how they can edit their photos and use it and use that my my course to make more visibility for themselves i showed them how they would beat their photos without removing the essence of the video or the picture and that was it so a food business owner would want to buy
a fashion business owner will want to buy you know a real estate person would want to buy because they could see themselves using this particular course any time next thing i did was to create formal which is fear of me pronouns if people don’t know that they need to take up action now in your business they would think that they have all the who in the world i will show them exactly how they can use this in their businesses by calling them out using the formal i was crazily repetitive with my content reading those three weeks just
to make sure that i call out every single sector that may need this you know editing and also i called up makeup artist i called up photographers i called out the you know mom at home who needed to make some beautiful baby new paint stuff for her child i cannot pay for purple sheets and all i made sure i went emotionally to two people and that’s not all i also went to celebrities i try to also recreate um you know edit and recreate some of the celebrities like well known like don jazzy the moment i did that though jesse replied reposted


and that was it a lot of people started buying you know this was also this also helped my business and helped the cost to sell more i also had to try my luck on order with other celebrities and it didn’t really work out the way it should but i was just happy and that it was actually selling because it was a low price point and it was a fully loaded course of photo and video editing people knew that they needed this and they wanted to take action they wanted to you know they say how you create so much buzz that people start asking themselves

can i even find out people are curious they are very very curious in mind so that is also what one other thing i kid into i kid into people’s curiosity i made people want to learn since they don’t want the application they don’t know everything so they wanted to know and i was very clear everything could be done on your phone the tech tip i want to give you which is also one unique teeth that have used so much like rinse and repeat all the time it’s please before you put out a course out there
market it perfect now i see a lot of people they are very quick to create the course first before they start the marketing i don’t go that route i market it first then i create and the reason why i do this is because as your marketing people have questions can this can this do that for you can this do this please do that and imagine if maybe you must have forgotten something i have created the course you may not be able to go back and start changing but if you can’t do what they’re asking from you


you can actually say to them yes and then you write it down so whenever you are going to create the course you impute that thing that they said to you because customers at the end of the day are the people who you want to sell to they know the pain points that they want solved so you have to listen to them and this is a bonus okay so one other thing i did because i am you know marketing first before recording was to create my course on seller so when i created my course on seller what i did was to put it as a pre-order so when people go there to


purchase it they’ll purchase it for a certain date that date will be announced much later so that made me have time to market for three weeks and people were paying before the course came out so another thing again that actually helped was to put out the customer outline i put out the course outline so that people could see it on seller even though the courses were not there even in the movies they do it then you see the trailer before the movie is out and that is it so if you like this please kindly

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