How I Made 300 YouTube Shorts in Just 30 MINUTES for a Faceless YouTube Channel.

How I Created 300 YouTube Shorts for a Faceless YouTube Channel in Just 30 Minutes.


This faceless YouTube channel is making thirty thousand dollars every month with extremely simple YouTube shorts in fact I created 300 of the same YouTube shorts in just 30 minutes for free in this video I’ll show you how you can use chat GPT and canva to do the same so you can start your own phaseless YouTube channel and start making serious money but before we dive in let me quickly share with you the short story of how I came up with this video idea it’s 2 am and there I am lying in bed scrolling through YouTube shorts like mine


life depends on it I’ve probably watched every cute animal video at least twice but just as I’m about to give up and succumb to the Sweet Embrace of sleep I come across a video that changes everything the best girls are always going to be the most difficult wow just wow I did what any rational person would do and clicked on the Creator’s profile to take a closer look and let me tell you this person is a true modern day philosopher and I couldn’t help but think to myself how kind it is for someone to be handed out


life-changing wisdom like it’s a free sample at Walmart I couldn’t believe my luck but then I found out that this page makes around 30 000 each month that got me thinking how hard could it be to make these kinds of videos well I’ m going to show you of course we’re starting with Chad gbt a quick tip before starting your conversation with chat GPT it is always extremely important to express your gratitude I mean who knows when the day will come that AI takes over the world and enslaves Humanity maybe this way you


will be spared and get a cozy job as an ai’s personal assistant all right now let’s dive into what we’re going to do in this video I want to teach Chad GPT to generate love quotes that fit a specific Style with a first part that intrigues people to hear the second part to illustrate this I’ll give Chad GPT two examples for instance if you really love someone you have to let it go or tie them up in your basement it’s all about perspective however I’ll leave that out for this video to make sure chat upt understands


the assignment I’ll ask it to confirm if it does now I want these quotes to be about topics like love heartbreak and friendship and on giving Chad GPT in specific target audience let’s see if it understands by asking it to provide an example great it seems like Chad GPT understands one thing to note is that if chat GPT generates something you like make sure to let it know it will pay attention and build on it further the videos I want to make consist of three parts a theme like girl or boy facts the first


part of the quote and then the second part so I want Chad GPT to generate quotes in a similar way with a theme a first part and a second part I’ll ask chat GPT to categorize them in an Excel like format this is an important step and you find out why later in the video as you can see Chad GPT is still giving me some unexpected themes so I’ll instruct it again to only use the themes I want girl facts boy facts and friend facts thank you foreign I want to make sure there are some heartbreak quotes in there too these


always seem to hit a nerve with people I guess it’s easier to relate to the pain of lost love than the joys of a happy relationship especially if you’ve been single for as long as I have let’s try asking chat upt to generate 100 unique quotes alright I will fast forward through this part but it comes down to the fact that Chad GPT can’t generate 100 quotes at one time after some minor discussion we came to an understanding and it was willing to generate 30 quotes at a time we will also get to 300 this way it will


just take a little longer and I mean taking the time to keep this AI friendly is definitely more important than rushing through and risking creating a murderous super intelligence that will eventually enslave humanity so for you people out there only ask it to do 30 and then continue by asking it to generate 30 more until you have the desired amount of quotes all right what you now want to do is to copy and paste all the quotes in Excel and as you can see I have more than 300 unique quotes generated by chat GPT


so let’s start making some Fancy YouTube shorts with canva first go to then click on mobile video on the left side you’ll see the design section here you’ll find various templates to choose from you can search for templates based on your project in my case I’m looking for quotes just like the ones that my ex posted on Instagram to make me jealous as you can see there are plenty of templates that match my description but I’ve already found one that I like so I’ m going back to recently used the goal is to match


the quote style of those YouTube shorts that we watched earlier so I’m going to put the theme text like girl facts boy facts and friend facts somewhere at the top of the screen the quote itself is going in the middle and at the bottom I’ m going to add the YouTube channel where the shorts are going to be posted the theme text needs to be a little bit bigger however as you can see it’s no longer centered a quick tip is to go to position at the top toolbar and then click on Center let’s put in a quote to see how this looks


the quote is difficult to read so I’m going to add a background to the quote at the effects section again at the top toolbar you can choose from lots of different colors however black works fine for me the quote also needs to be a bit larger like this however as you know the quotes are always made up of two parts just like my ex’s personality so I’m going to copy and paste this so I have a second text block I’m going to drag it down a bit for now and copy the second part of the quote here hahaha


one thing to notice is that in this template all the text has animations added to them for this kind of video I don’t want to have animations so I’m going to remove these from all the text blocks the style of videos I want to make are made up of two parts the first nine seconds display the first part of the quote then there is a one second pause and then it reveals the second part of the quote which has a duration of about 1.


5 seconds this is because 1.5 seconds is just a fast for people to read so they will watch the video again which gives you a great watch time resulting in YouTube pushing out your video to a lot more people next right click on the first part of the quote and select show timing this will show you the duration and placement of the text in the video we want the first half of the quote to be nine seconds long followed by a one second pause and then we start the second part of the quote at the 10 second mark the second half of the quote should only


take about 1.5 seconds and then we want the video to end drag the end of the video to the end of the second part of the quote finally we want to Center the second part of the quote on the screen and we’re done let’s see how it looks perfect our video template is ready now here comes the real magic and it’s not the kind of magic you’d see in a David Copperfield show we’re going to insert the database of quotes into canva so I can make hundreds of different videos with just a few clicks go to apps


in the left menu and search for bulk create select inner data manually and clear all data then copy your Excel list of quotes I’m only going to put in 30 for now and you will find out why soon and paste them into canva with their names as you can see we have the first 30 quotes in so we can click on done next we want to connect the different pieces of text to the correct parts of the video right click on the text in the video and go to connect data now select the Right piece of data you want to be shown in a text this part is


going to be the theme so we select theme to get to the first half of the quote we have to drag the second part down for the first half of the quote we select first part for the second half we select second part once you’ve connected all the data pieces place the second part back in the center of the video and we’re good to go now all parts of the data have a purple check mark on the left indicating that we’re ready to generate the video click on continue and then on generate 30 pages and voila we now have 30 YouTube shorts with


different quotes the only downside is that all the videos have the same background you can change this manually by going to the menu bar on the left and selecting elements here you can search for different videos and choose the one you like click on the three dots at the top of the video and select replace background however I’m not going to do this 300 times and I don’t need all 300 videos to have a different background this brings us back to why I didn’t generate the 300 videos all at once because you can do that let me show you


a better way go back to the previous page and start over at step one for bulk create once again select inner data manually and clear the table then go to your Excel sheet copy the names of the rows and paste them into canva now go back to the Excel sheet and copy the next 30 quotes paste them into canva and select done as you can see all the data pieces have a purple check mark so we can click on continue but before you hit that generate button let’s change up the background head back to elements and search for a video that


tickles your fancy once you find it click on those three little dots and select replace background just be warned the new video will have the same length as the video you selected for the background so if it’s a two minute video you’re in for a long ride so when you switch up the background you’ll have to adjust the length again now let’s head back to bulk create and select generate 30 pages 30 more videos coming right up the joys of video editing it’s like painting a masterpiece except instead of a brush


I’m using my mouse and instead of a canvas I’m staring at a screen and instead of creating something beautiful I’m just generating pages of mindless videos with random quotes lovely now you can head over to share and select download choose your desired quality and select download Pages as separate files and voila you’re done now all that’s left is to repeat these steps eight more times and there you have it 300 amazing YouTube shorts in just 30 minutes let me know what I should do with all


these shorts maybe I could post them all in 30 days to see what will happen leave a comment down below if you have any ideas and of course if you like this video please leave a like And subscribe because there is definitely more coming up until next time

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