Facebook Monetization in 2023: New and EASY Ways to Make Money

Facebook Monetization in 2023: New and EASY Ways to Make Money

This is the new Facebook monetization for 2023 because so many different things have changed and I want to make this video to address a lot of the things that have changed but also to discuss every single possible method there is for you to earn an income doing what you love on the Facebook platform now we know recently that Facebook has paused the Instagram and Facebook reels bonuses and while they say they’ve paused it I actually believe they stopped it but there are still several other ways that you can monetize your


content on Facebook and in this video I’m going to discuss every single one of them that Facebook provides to you to monetize your content on their platform now there are several other ways outside of Facebook that you can still monetize your content on the platform and I’ll link to some of the videos that I have about that as well but one of the first things you have to know if you want to monetize your content on Facebook is that you have to create a Facebook business page a profile now or you need


to turn on Facebook professional mode Facebook professional mode essentially turns your personal profile into a business page they may not say that but that’s exactly what happens you get access to almost every tool that a business page has except for your own dedicated business manager that is the only thing lacking right now and although it does give your profile the qualities of a business page you’re still allowed to keep your personal life with your friends and family separate from the content that you create for


your followers and all this simply means is that if you create a post about your kids and you don’t necessarily want to share it with everyone in the world you can still select the audience as your friends only and your followers will not see those different posts but that content also will not be monetized because Facebook only allows you to monetize public content because when the content is set is public it gives Facebook the permission to use it however they see fit to boost engagement on their platform and they will pay you


for that so let’s say you’ve turned on professional mode you’ve created another profile or you’ve created a business page what are the different ways you can earn money on Facebook the first method of monetizing your content on Facebook is stars stars are digital tips that people can give you when the like button or leaving a comment is just not enough to show their appreciation or the admiration for the content that you’ve created I personally have given Stars when I found something so funny and enjoyable


that I wanted to just show the content creator that hey I really appreciate you putting in the effort to create that moment or light-hearted experience for me and they’re very inexpensive stars are only one centipedes and so it’s basically people putting pennies in your tip jar the eligibility for stars is very simple all you need is 1 000 followers for at least 60 consecutive days you also must live in a country eligible for stars and you must be 18 years of age everything else about the policies just means that you cannot be


violating Facebook’s rules about the platform and I also have other videos about that that I’ll link right here that you can go and watch and study those in detail but I won’t be going over those here so that brings us to the next method of monetizing your content on Facebook after stars is ads on reels now ads on reels are very special because it’s essentially Facebook monetizing the real platform for themselves and they’ve already said that they were going to do this but now we see it coming to fruition and so


basically all it is when Facebook places ads on your reels and you receive the Lion’s Share of the portion of the advertising revenue and so we see right here that the first kind is overlay ads and so there’s a banner right here this Banner at the bottom where you see my cursor on this reel is an overlay ad so someone could potentially watch this reel and view the ad without being disturbed Facebook is looking to place as many ads on reels as they possibly can without running people away from the actual product and they understand that


while people do watch more reels and are exposed to more reels ads that they’re spending less time in feed and seeing less ads and feed and so there’s this balancing act that they’re doing with ads on reels and so we don’t know how many ads they’re gonna place on reels as it is right now we know they’re going to ramp it up some but they’re gonna try to find a sweet spot to where they can bring it up without damn Imaging their feeds ads too much after ads on reels this brings us to the most popular way

to earn money from your content on Facebook which are the bonuses now the bonuses as we’ve recently learned and I share with everyone that Facebook has paused the reels bonus for Facebook and Instagram but those were not the only bonuses and so I want to make this is very clear that there are still other bonuses that you can get and earn from Facebook if we come down here to the express interest section we still have the earnings tab of available which was where the reels bonus normally resides and lives but the performance bonus and


challenge Tabs are also still available for someone to express interest and what I want to let you know is that right now people are still reporting that they are receiving renewals for their Facebook performance bonuses for the next month some people have complained about their challenges disappearing and so if you still have the challenges let us know in the comments beneath this video hey I still have the challenges so that we can all know whether the challenges have been paused as well because the challenges were directly tied into the


reels play bonuses because you had to create so many reels and get so many views but we’ll see if they’re still there everybody let us know in the comments do you still have the challenges or have your challenges also stopped earning as well but the Facebook performance bonus is still available for you to get inside of that program and I already have a video about the five steps you need to take to get inside of the Facebook performance bonus program I also have other videos about how to actually earn the most you can from the


performance bonus program but as Mark has stressed in that Q4 earnings call at the beginning of February this is the year of efficiency for Facebook and so they laid off 11 000 employees not too long ago and they are planning another round of layoffs happening in a matter of days or weeks and we see that they have paused the Instagram and Facebook reels bonuses because they are trimming everything that they consider fat they are trimming away managers managing managers and they are trying to become a lean Sigma Six company it seems where


they can produce the most revenue and create the highest impact with the least amount of drag and so a lot of people have been reporting that they think their earnings for the performance bonus have gone down you can still earn up to thirty thousand but Facebook has decreased the amount of money they pay per engagement per post etc etc and so that’s something you want to take into consideration if you’re setting your sites on the Facebook performance bonus because you’re going to have to work twice as hard to make the income that


people were making a few months ago but it’s still possible you just got to work a little harder the next way to monetize your content on Facebook is paid online events now paid online events is actually being phased out and I included it here so I can let everyone know there they are no longer onboarding new people to paid online events so if you already have paid online events set up you you can use it until May 8th of 2023 I believe it is but after that they are phasing out support for the product and


they are going to delete it entirely same thing with instant articles I believe the instant articles have been phased out as well and so Facebook is Shifting towards what works and paid online events have not worked for a long time people just do not attend them in General on Facebook that’s not what people come to Facebook for and so Facebook is simplifying their systems and their processes and trying to become a more efficient company hence why I believe they probably are merging a lot of the Creator tools with meta business


Suite which is a smart move I never understood why you had the two of those but that’s paid online events if you have access to it you can still use it for a couple more months but after that it’s going away and support for the product is also ending very soon now the next method of monetizing your content on Facebook is probably your next best move if you were in the reels bonus program and you stopped earning and you’re looking for a new way to earn content on Facebook but its in-stream ads now in-stream ads is a two-part


solution this is basically like YouTube ads for Facebook just to make it really simple you have two different types of videos you have live videos and you have on-demand videos and Facebook can place ads on either one of those so these are the requirements right here for in-stream or video on demand to qualify all you need is 5 000 followers it was previously ten thousand but they’ve reduced it to five thousand after you get your five thousand followers you’re going to need six hundred thousand total


minutes view in the last 60 days or 1 000 watch hours in YouTube terminology that’s very doable but you’re going to have to be uploading videos consistently going live streaming doing everything you can to get content on Facebook that people find interest interesting so you can make live videos and these live videos can help you qualify to have ads placed on your videos on demand but in order to go live post a live video and then have Facebook come back and place ads in that live video there is an entirely different set of requirements


and so your page must meet the following criteria and it says page but it can be your Facebook professional mode as well you must have a minimum of 10 000 followers and you also need six hundred thousand total minutes viewed in the last 60 days six hundred thousand that is ten thousand watch hours in the last sixty days that’s a lot of watch hours and so you have to really be uploading videos and really be getting after it to have that type of engagement on your content and not only that 600 000 total minutes


viewed in the last 60 days with at least 60 000 minutes or one thousand hours from live videos so your live videos need to carry the 1 000 hours by themselves at least in the other nine thousand need to be from your on-demand videos so you are going to have to be serious about uploading video content to Facebook to get this monetization tool and so once you qualify for in-stream ads Facebook will place pre-roll ads mid-roll ads and banner ads on your content another thing to note is that whenever you qualify for in-stream


chance you automatically qualify for ads on reels and so you can take these longer form videos these live videos and you can repurpose them within meta business suite and create reels from them with the most engaging moments or you can create reels outside of Facebook and upload them it doesn’t matter and you’re going to monetize that content and so what I would say is that this is probably the end game for monetization on Facebook to get into the in-stream ads program and then to actually monetize live video as well because then


you have the ability to go live for long periods of time with organized content you can then post that live video download that live video edit that live video into a different format maybe add some introductions and outros and other portions to it and then re-upload it as an on-demand video and you can then cut that up or the previous live video into different reels and re-upload those and monetize all of them and so this is where you actually want to be if you’re going to go the route of monetizing your


content on Facebook you want to go the route of ads on your content because it’s probably going to be the method that pays you more it’s definitely going to pay you more than Stars Facebook performance bonus payouts or pay rate is decreasing and so even though you can earn 30 000 a month you’re going to have to work a little harder paid online events is phasing out and the last method although it has potential it probably will not top what you’re able to earn from having a large library of video content on Facebook earning ad


Impressions but subscriptions do have the ability to out earn all of the other monetization methods on the platform depending on what your subscription is and depending on what type of audience that you’re actually building and what you’re offering people for that subscription so if you have a certain type of content that people really want to see and you place it behind the paywall it’s a five dollar subscription a month to see this is special content it’s unedited videos it’s behind the


scene footage it’s a newsletter with secret marketing hacks or tricks whatever the case may be then you just might be able to earn more than ads on reels because this is moving more towards the model where you’re actually gaining more control of how much money you actually earn because because you’re generating a recurring income from your content and the last method I want to talk to you about as far as monetizing your content on Facebook is actually not a method that Facebook itself gives you but they try


to include themselves in the process to make things easier for you to actually work with Brands because getting brand deals can result in you getting paid hundreds or thousands of dollars at a time depending on the brand deal and depending on the agreement for the content that you’re creating for the brand Facebook has made it easy for Brands to find creators that may be potential fits for their products through the brand collabs manager and so it’s something you definitely want to set up because you want to take


advantage of every opportunity you can on Facebook so whenever you want a brand decide to work together it’s mandatory that you tag the brand in the content when you publish it so that Facebook knows and then Facebook provides you and the brand insights into how the content is performing so that you can both stay on the same page about the value of the service that was provided and I’ll put a link to this page in the description so that you can come here and read because they have several other resources about


branded content and how to get brand deals and different things as far as earning money on Facebook maybe you’ve gone through this video and you’ve realized two things number one I want to Branch out and I don’t want to focus entirely on Facebook I want to focus on other platforms as far as monetizing my content then I want you to go to the link in the description and check out a short video that I placed there about how I grew my YouTube channel and how I can help you start to grow yours as well


also if you don’t want to focus on Facebook monetization but you still want to use the Facebook platform to generate an income doing what you love I’m going to leave a video right here for the number one side hustle that beginning content creators never talk about thank you guys for watching I’ll see you in the next video

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