The Gary Neville Show: Chelsea wreck is Todd Boehly's doing - they can challenge top three assuming that he quits intruding
The Gary Neville Show: Chelsea wreck is Todd Boehly's doing - they can challenge top three assuming that he quits intruding

The Gary Neville Show: Chelsea wreck is Todd Boehly’s doing – they can challenge top three assuming that he quits intruding

Chelsea twelfth in Head Association after 3-1 loss at Munititions stockpile on Tuesday; Neville calls the team’s six losses in a row “nothing short of a disgrace” for their performances; Sky Sports savant reproachful of Boehly’s independent direction; Take a listen to the Podcast by Gary Neville.

Gary Neville called Chelsea’s performance in their loss to Arsenal “pathetic,” but he also said that owner Todd Boehly was to blame for the “nightmare” season at the club and that he needed to “stop meddling.”

On Tuesday night at the Emirates, Chelsea fell behind 3-1 after 34 minutes. This was their sixth loss in a row across all competitions, and it put them 12th in the Premier League table.

Toward the finish of a season which has seen the club break move spending records yet sack Thomas Tuchel and Graham Potter, Neville says the application from the players hasn’t been sufficient however Boehly should assume the fault..

When asked about Chelsea’s performance at Arsenal, Neville said, “Disgusting.” I’ve never witnessed such poor play from a team that was theoretically the best. In the first half, it was a mess. Pathetic.

“There were World Cup victors, internationals, so costly – I can barely handle it. The same thing will occur to Frank Lampard. They were the worst I’ve ever seen. You can multiply by 100 what a manager was saying in the dressing room when you translate what they say on television.

“You can’t go that low with the quality and pride these players have. I thought there was promise in their performance against Liverpool. Although they lack a center forward and the ability to score, they played well. However, what has transpired since is nothing short of a shame.

“All of it originates at the top. It’s been tumultuous, a wreck since the very first moment. Boehly misjudged this league after a nightmare. I’m certain he’ll advance rapidly. He alone is to blame for this season’s events.

“He needed to keep the footballing department together. He’s the non-footballing department. You’re the owner. You’re not a player or a coach. You’ve got no experience in this league so stay where you are and allow the people to run the football club [who have done so] successfully over the last 10 years.

“Try to get them to work for a year so you can learn the ropes and keep Chelsea’s stability and consistency. After a few games, Petr Cech left, Marina Granovskaia left, and Thomas Tuchel left, and suddenly you’re in complete chaos. Then they changed it to a model in which 22-year-old players were given contracts for eight years!

“When you begin firing groundsmen, physiotherapists, sports scientists, directors, and managers, you are shaming everyone by asserting that “it’s their fault not mine.” The way Chelsea ran the club was successful. Boehly has now developed this into this. This mess is his creation. It’s been awful, like playing football manager.

“Chelsea can challenge top three next season” Despite Chelsea’s problems this season, Neville thinks they could compete again at the top of the league in 2023/24.

Neville claims that the team has a lot of potential despite the fact that Mauricio Pochettino is the front-runner to become the next permanent manager at Stamford Bridge. This is because of the quality of the team’s players and Boehly’s decision to delegate football decisions to specialists.

Neville stated, “I do believe someone will mold them into a decent team and challenge for the top four and trophies.” They have the potential to challenge the top three, in my opinion.

“That exacerbates the Arsenal performance. After what we saw on Tuesday, people will think I’m mad, but the fact that players have sunk to that level only makes matters worse.

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