World Cup 2022: Fans with banning orders will be stopped from going to tournament

World Cup 2022: Fans with banning orders will be stopped from going to tournament

Fans with banning orders will have to give their passports to the police

More than 1,300 fans with football banning orders in England and Wales are being told to hand in their passports to stop them going to the World Cup.

Under new measures coming into force on 14 October, the Home Office says it will also be stopping “any supporter who has previously caused trouble and is deemed likely to do so again” from travelling to the tournament in Qatar.

“We will not let the behaviour of a minority of lawbreakers tarnish what will be an exciting tournament,” Home Secretary Suella Braverman said.

The World Cup will take place from 20 November to 18 December.

The 1,308 people subject to Football Banning Orders “will be forced to hand their UK passports over to police” the Home Office said.

Those not complying and attempting to travel to Qatar could face six months in prison and an unlimited fine, it warned.

Anyone affected who wants to travel abroad during the World Cup will need to get permission and be subject to thorough checks.

In addition, a targeted operation at ports will aim to identify previous offenders looking to travel to Qatar.

Home Office figures recently revealed arrests and reported incidents of disorder at football matches in England and Wales last season were at their highest level for eight years.

“Violence, abuse and disorder is not tolerated here, and this criminal behaviour will not be tolerated at the World Cup which is why we are taking this firm approach,” Braverman added.

Football banning orders are court orders which stop people attending football matches and are usually applied when someone has been convicted of a football-related offence.

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