Deadly wildfire forces evacuations

Deadly wildfire forces evacuations as temperatures soar in California

All-time record heat is pressuring the power grid in the west and a new wildfire exploded in size overnight, forcing evacuations. Will cars be on the scene in Hemet, California? Good morning, Will.

Good morning, George. This is a fast-moving fire. The air is still thick with smoke this morning and fire crews are going property by property after this fire swept through. We’ve seen a number of homes that have burned in the fires that turned tragic overnight.

A deadly fire sparked in California, joining several rapidly spreading wildfires in the state. Amidst a record-breaking heat wave. At least 1500 households were forced to evacuate after the Fairview fire exploded in the city of Him scorching more than 2700 acres, and killing two civilians.

We have a big evacuation order put in place due to the extreme fire conditions that we’re witnessing right now.

The flames engulf everything, burning homes, destroying cars, scorching structures, burning them to the ground. Firefighters rushed to stop the spread. Fueled by dry conditions and strong winds, the fires, were only 5% contained over in this direction. It was just a huge black cloud of smoke and it was coming towards us to the north. The mountain fire climbed to more than 110 acres, burning for its fifth day, just 20% contained the west. Reeling from a summer of dangerous heat, California state officials now urging residents to cut down on power to avoid blackouts.

We’re still in high fire danger here this morning. We’re expecting temperatures well above 100 both here and across large parts of the state throughout the rest of the week.

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