experiencing a decade of decline

We’re experiencing a decade of decline: Oregon GOP nominee

As GOP gubernatorial candidate Christine Drezen continues to surge. And she joins us right now to explain more. Christine, thanks for joining us. Look, we talk all the time about people stepping up. It’s surprising to me. I mean, it’s great that it’s an important play, but your state has just been suffering so much. What is your message to the people of Oregon that seems to be changing this race?

Oregonians are demanding better. They’re demanding better from their leaders. What we’re experiencing has been a decade of decline under progressive, extreme, single-party leadership in our state. And we are feeling it across the whole state, but especially in Portland, where they are less safe today than they have ever been before. We’re seeing mom-and-pop shops close up. We’re seeing national chains exit our beautiful city. And instead, we are leaving our city to people who are abusing hard drugs, which are now legal in our state, who in fact, are forming encampments that are refusing to leave public spaces. Our city needs change. Our state needs new leadership. And that’s what Oregonians are responding to.

We saw, of course, in deep blue San Francisco that families are families, right? Parents or parents. Democrats don’t want to have to step on syringes and human feces when they take their kids out to a park. I mean, this is really a nonpartisan issue. And yet, as a Republican, is there difficulty and a willingness to hear the message? What kind of feedback are you getting from your constituents?

Portlanders themselves are asking for leaders that are willing to stand up for their quality of life. They want to be safe in their own yards. They want to be safe when their kids walk to school. This is not partisan to your point. This is entirely about community safety and the quality of life that Portlanders should demand and expect from their leaders. They’re not getting it from their leaders right now. And that’s why my roadmap for Oregon’s future makes public safety and community safety across our state a central focus of my efforts. And you can find more [email protected].

Well, good luck to you, obviously, and good luck to the people of Oregon, because what happened in Portland really frightened the entire nation as we watched that unfold in 2020. And this is about the quality of life and the human condition, and everyone deserves better. Christine, thank you very much for joining me tonight. I appreciate it.

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