WATCH: Dance duo choreographs NFL theme songs, including NFL on CBS, on social media

WATCH: Dance duo choreographs NFL theme songs, including NFL on CBS, on social media

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There are plenty of things to do while waiting for the NFL regular season to kick off, and apparently one of them is dancing. A dance duo decided to choreograph the NFL theme songs used by every major network, including the one for NFL on CBS. 

Austin and Maribeth Telenko are professional dancers who have been posting videos on TikTok for over a year. They started with trendy songs many others were doing, but eventually they began getting more creative. Their dances range from classics such as Ciara and Missy Elliott’s “1, 2 Step” to choreography for iPhone text tones. 

The couple posted their NFL choreography video on their social media platforms on Aug. 16 and, as of Aug. 31, the video has two million views on Instagram alone. They also shared another video of a behind-the-scenes look at their choreography process. The other theme songs in the video come from Fox, NBC, ESPN and the NFL Network. Each dance is different yet the couple maintains synchronicity in every one. Austin is wearing a yellow Pittsburgh Steelers shirt, while Maribeth chose to not represent any particular team.

Take a look at all the dances:

The dancers used the same audio that others have been using for a different trend in which people rank the NFL theme songs. As Awful Announcing pointed out, the NFL on CBS theme was a clear fan favorite. The song is called “Posthumus Zone” and was composed by E.S. Posthumus, an electronic music group from Los Angeles. 

The 2022 NFL season is set to kick off on Thursday, Sept. 8 as the Buffalo Bills make the trip to SoFi Stadium to take on the reigning Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams. 

Click here for a full schedule of the 2022 NFL regular season. 

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