Richard Simmons speaks out amid shocking

Richard Simmons speaks out amid shocking doc explaining his absence from the spotlight

Richard Simmons left the public spotlight over quite a while back, and he’s saying thanks to fans for their help.

On Wednesday, the wellness master took to his Facebook page and shared a photograph of a grinning emoticon holding a thank you sign. The post came after FOX circulated “TMZ Investigates: What Really Happened to Richard Simmons” on Monday night. The unique investigated his ascent to fame and astounding takeoff from the public eye. It highlighted interviews with Denise Austin and Suzanne Somers, as well as buddy Bruce Vilanch and Simmons’ long-lasting ensemble creator Leslie Wilshire.

“Much obliged to you, everybody, for your graciousness and love!” subtitled the 74-year-old with a heart. “Love, Richard.”

After a very long time at the center of attention, Simmons unexpectedly quit educating at his exercise studio in 2014 and has withdrawn from public life through and through. His vanishing started a webcast named “Missing Richard Simmons,” as well as various paranoid ideas charging he was being kept locked down in his Hollywood Hills home by his maid.


In 2017, Simmons sued two newspaper distributions that supposed he was progressing into a lady. Lawyers for Simmons have said he upholds transsexual freedoms, yet the charges have criticized him.

As indicated by the doc, there’s a shockingly basic justification for why Simmons withdrew from the spotlight.

“Specialists let him know back in 2014, around the time he vanished, that he really wanted a left knee substitution,” the doc claimed. “What’s more, in the event that he didn’t get one, he may in all likelihood at no point ever have the option to practice in the future. Presently, this is vital to the vanishing of Richard Simmons. The possibility of medical procedure, of becoming inactive, made Richard sink into a profound despondency… We know still right up ’til now Richard actually hasn’t gotten remedial medical procedure to his left side knee. He strolls with a stick and that makes sense of a ton. He’s simply not a similar person any longer.”

In 2014, eight months after Simmons left the public eye, TMZ guaranteed that the star had “two awful knees.” His procedure on the first was excruciating to such an extent that he supposedly was postponing the second.

In 2017, a lady charging to have known Simmons for a considerable length of time let the power source know that knee issues have kept Simmons in “virtual stowing away.”

The narrative guaranteed that Simmons deferred his second a medical procedure since he was stressed over having the option to quickly return after the method and whether it would demolish any infirmities.

“He needed to be recognized as a dynamic, sound man,” the doc stated, “not an older man with clinical issues. Richard needed to withdraw before his picture was reworked as an elderly person. Furthermore, his knee issues were a gigantic calculate his choice… He had a right knee substitution a couple of years back. Yet required a left one. He was in a great deal of torment.”

The extraordinary likewise claimed that there is one LAPD investigator, who would have rather not been recognized, who has conversed with Simmons throughout the long term. As per him, Simmons “doesn’t have any desire to be recognized as this delicate, old person. He needed to be recognized as a person that huge number of individuals cherished and watched. That is the reason he vanished.”


Simmons was contrasted with Greta Garbo, the Oscar-designated star of the 1930s who was wildly defensive of her protection. She resigned at age 35 and moved to New York City, where she had a confidential existence until her demise in 1990 at age 84. The unique common that “the Richard who vanished is all the more legitimately himself” than his “noisy” persona.

“He has keenly sorted out lifestyle choices on display,” it affirmed. “He’s surrendered public life totally… Richard is an expert of camouflage.”

All things considered, Simmons has gotten through some despair. Buddies shared that his adored eight Dalmatians have died throughout the long term. His last canine passed on at age 17. All things considered, his maid is “a wildly steadfast worker and companion.”

A representative for Simmons told Fox News Digital on Tuesday they had no remark about the charges made in the doc.


In 2021, Simmons uncovered that he trusted another age of fans would be acquainted with his exemplary activity series, “Sweatin’ to the Oldies.” At the time, it was declared that Fuse Sweat, a streaming channel, would remember Simmons’ show for its line of programming.

“I’m exceptionally energized that my noteworthy wellness series of ‘Sweatin’ to the Oldies’ actually is so significant and famous and I trust many new fans will find this immortal work of art,” he said in a proclamation.

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