Jake Paul home raided by FBI with a federal search warrant

Jake Paul home
Jake Paul home

The Federal Bureau of Investigation raided the California home of YouTube star Jake Paul this morning, consistent with TMZ and CBSLA. There are not many details yet on why his home was raided or what the bureau was checking out, but ABC7 spotted agents removing several objects that seemed like firearms from the house.

An FBI spokesperson confirmed that a “federal warrant was executed” this morning. The FBI declined to discuss the evidence sought or recovered, saying that the warrant remained under seal. The FBI also declined to mention when the seal would be lifted. No arrests are made or are planned, the spokesperson told Milon Shil.
Paul’s home is also the house base of Team 10, Paul’s YouTube collective, and other members frequently sleep in and work from the house. Paul has yet to discuss the search. The Verge emailed Paul’s listed address requesting comment, but the message bounced back with a mistake saying the address couldn’t be found or receive mail.

“We are still gathering information and can cooperate with the investigation,” Paul’s attorney, Richard Schonfeld, told TMZ. Schonfeld said Paul wasn’t home at the time of the search.

In June, Paul was charged in Arizona for participating in an alleged “riot,” after a video surfaced that seemed to show him filming inside a mall where looting was believed to be happening. More recently, Paul was criticized by the mayor of Calabasas, where he lives, for throwing an outsized party during the pandemic. The mayor said that Calabasas would begin issuing fines for failing to wear a mask while near people outside a home.